Hi Fellow Stitchers,


I want to take a minute to thank everyone who continued to shop with us through our web site these past 3 months. We were getting anywhere from 10 orders to 25 orders a day and shipping from 85 to 125 orders a week. Believe me, this is not the norm. It also has been a challenge trying to keep up with filling orders while running out of products, and not being able to order restocks from a few popular companies. We had to remove Sampler Threads, Kreinik metallic, and Threadworx flosses off some orders because those companies were closed and we were unable to place any orders. Other companies like Picture This Plus, Lakeside Linens, Classic Colorworks, and DMC were running out of products with no idea when restocks would be arriving in our country. Some of these problems have subsided, but not all. Hand-dyed fabrics are now taking at least 2 months or longer to get back into stock due to fabric shortages. Hand-dyed floss companies are still out of base floss, meaning that some floss colors will be delayed until DMC ships base floss to our country.  Oversea countries supply most of the products used for our craft and were shut down. Nothing was shipped into our country for months. Now that companies are starting to re-open overseas, shipping to the US has now resumed. But, the shutdown caused delays that will be felt for months.


With that said - our Shop is finally preparing to reopen after our 3 month closure and PA restrictions for Bucks County which is where we are located. The nature of our business makes it impossible to sanitize books, fabrics, and flosses which is the bulk of what we sell. We have wiped down what we could. The following will be implemented once we open and will change as necessary:


* Our shop will be re-opening on Thursday, July 9th. Shop hours will be from 12 noon to 5 p.m. Thursdays and Fridays, and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. to start.  NO Tuesday hours until further notice. You WILL need to Wear a Mask while in the shop - no exceptions. Hand Sanitizer will be on the table by the door for you to use as you come in. I know Masks are uncomfortable, but they are for you protection as well as my staff. We will be abiding to social distancing so it will be a hard to help pick out needed supplies for a prepared to self-serve.


* We will be limiting the amount of people to 3 customers at ALL times in order to keep social distancing. Number cards, 1 to 3, will be located on our entrance door that you can take as you enter, and put back once you leave. This will let everyone know how many people are in the shop just by looking at our front door. If you prefer, you can always call and schedule a time to visit. At this time, due to space limitations, we are asking to leave your children home since they would need to be counted as a customer.


* Framing will be by appointment only on Fridays and Saturdays. I will schedule time depending on the amount of framing you will be bringing in. Remember our frame supplier was also closed, so I have no idea what he has in stock or if he will need to order mouldings from the manufacturers.. Allow extra time. If you need something by a specific date, we will try to accommodate, but cannot guarantee.


* Our Rest Room will NOT be opened to the public at this time, Everything is subject to change.


Thank you for your continued patronage and hope to see you soon,

Mary and the Staff - Iona, Debbie, Gail, and Rich